GAMA S.r.l. Service Department acts as a reliable partner in assistance, spare part supplying, retrofitting and revamping activities for new and existing installations, with customized focus to each application and well-established several years of experience.

The main tasks of GAMA S.r.l. Service Department are:

  • supply of technical assistance on machines and installations with qualified technicians, for installation, commissioning and prompt interventions in emergency situations
  • supply of maintenance activities in shop and on site, for both regular and special maintenance
  • supply of spare parts for machines and installations (for both GAMA S.r.l. designed machines or other designs)
  • technical assessments on existing installations
  • retrofitting and revamping activities, with technical advices for customized solutions and complete machine renewal jobs

The internal shop allows GAMA S.r.l. Service Department to take advantage of its large manufacturing experience in several fields of applications, in order to fulfill always the correct solution for each situation.

Normal revamping activities undertaken by GAMA S.r.l. Service Department could be carpentry and machining refurbishments of big steel structures, renewal and/or replacement of mechanical parts and   redesign/recalculation of machine components.

Revamping example – Pebble Mill ø 2,60 m x L 7,80 m